Yoga session with savita yadav learn basic yoga exercise sukshmayam and pranayam lak

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Yoga keeps both body and mind healthy. Regular yoga practice creates a better balance between body and mind. This makes us feel refreshed and increases our ability to work. Along with this, the strength and flexibility of the body also increases. Sukshukyam and Pranayama have special importance in yoga practice. Today, Yoga instructor Savita Yadav has taught how to take care of health through Sukshukyam and Pranayama in the live yoga session of News18. Come, let us know how to do subtle yama and pranayama to keep the body fit.

By doing subtle yama, the functions of all the parts of the body become correct. It enhances the flexibility. Makes your subtle body active. Do this exercise according to your ability. It does not require extra effort, do it effortlessly. This is for everyone.
For this, sit down with the waist straight. Close your eyes. Do not sit on the mattress. Sit on the surface. Come into the posture of meditation. If you wish, pronounce oh. If you want, you can also sing mantras or shlokas. Do this exercise very easily. Have been sitting in a relaxed state and recite the Shanti Mantra or Om.

After doing this exercise, open and straighten the leg while sitting. After this, by straightening the waist, hang both your hands behind and calmly walk both the legs back and forth. Do this exercise very easily. After this, bring the hand forward and bend the legs in the shape of a circle. Stretching well will give a lot of benefits. Moving the feet well is an important part of subtle yama. Repeat this process for five to seven minutes.

After this exercise, bend the right leg and hold it with the hand and raise it slightly. After this, move the foot from right to left with the help of the hand, that is, stretch. Then stretch from left to right. Do this exercise 10 times. After this, take a half turn of the leg and move it up and down with the help of the hand. Do this exercise also 10 times.

After doing this exercise, straighten both the legs. And hold the right leg by the hand and stand straight up. Do as much as you can go up, do it with ease, do not lift too much. Repeat this sequence up to 10 times. Repeat the same exercise with the left leg.

Everyone knows about pranayama, but pranayama is not just about sitting and breathing. It is a scientifically prepared yoga practice. This makes both body and mind comfortable. Kapal Bharti should be done before doing Pranayama. Kapal Bharati ends belly fat. Apart from this, Kapal Bharti brings glow on the face.

Come into Padmasana posture for Kapal Bharti. Put both feet on each other’s thighs. If you are not able to do this, then just kill the parakeet. Keep the waist and neck straight. After that exhale rapidly. Exhale the breath in such a way that there is a rhythm in it. Repeat this sequence for 10 to 15 minutes.

After this do Pranayama in this posture. For pranayama, comfortably close the left nostril and breathe in from the right, then hold the breath for some time, then release the breath comfortably through the right nostril. Do this process with ease as many times as possible. Do this exercise according to your ability. Similarly, close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. This sequence is also to be repeated according to the capacity.
After this exercise, close the eyes in Padmasana posture. Keep the waist and neck straight and practice exhaling oh sound by taking long breaths through the nose. You can do this for five minutes.

After this exercise, after this, both the hands have to be taken back by making a cross and close the eyes and take a deep breath. This has to be done for 15 seconds. After this, there has to be relaxation. After that stand up and do the karma.

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