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World Mental Health Day: The corona epidemic has affected the mental health of the people the most after causing havoc all over the world. According to many reports, a large number of people around the world are suffering from mental diseases or problems. While the lockdown and difficult circumstances made people helpless due to the nature of the corona disease, it is now seeing its effect a few months after the passing of Kovid. This is the reason why health experts are constantly appealing to people to stay mentally strong and seek medical advice in any problem.

Professor Nand Kumar in the Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, told News18 Hindi that after Corona, mental illnesses or mental problems among people have increased rapidly. A large number of people are struggling with mental health issues today. Behind this, the situations arising during Corona are especially responsible. Although a new trend has been seen that before corona, most cases of depression, anxiety etc. were reported in women patients, but after Kovid, now these symptoms are being found the most in men.

Pro. Nand Kumar says that this time apart from depression or anxiety, the things that have increased the most are guilt, feeling helpless or mental problems arising from being in deep and long-lasting sadness. Dr. says that especially during the second wave of Corona, people have seen the deaths of their loved ones very closely. The fear of disease on the one hand and the death of people on the other hand and the circumstances of not being able to do anything in that situation are coming to the fore in the form of mental matters.

In India, the rituals or customs after death have been affected due to Kovid. Dr. Kumar says that many such patients came to him who are in deep gilt due to the fact that they could not help their loved ones during Kovid and lost them. There have also been many such cases who could neither see the face of their loved ones nor could perform rituals for them due to Corona restrictions. Considering oneself to be helpless, there have been many cases of going into depression and despair.

Mental problems in corona patients and non-patients

Pro. Nand Kumar says that this time mental issues are coming to the fore in both corona patients and non-corona patients. While mental illnesses have increased in people after suffering from corona and they have reached dangerous levels like suicide, similar things have been seen in non-patients too. Stress, depression, anger and annoyance have increased among non-patients due to reasons like lockdown, loss of employment, death of loved ones etc.

people are facing these problems, These symptoms are appearing

Dr. Kumar says that mentally disturbed people are facing many health problems at this time. These major symptoms are also coming out in them.

. Feeling tired, lack of mind, feeling lonely, living in solitude, not wanting to do any work etc.

. Insomnia or sleeplessness, staying awake for a long time or throughout the night, getting up suddenly after sleeping, thinking more, getting lost while talking, having dreams of accidents or diseases, seeing tragic events again in sleep, worrying too much etc.

. Eating disorders like not wanting to eat anything, skipping food, overeating and eating all the time, irritability for not getting food again and again, etc.

. Always feeling that a lot would have happened if you did this, blaming yourself, blaming yourself for everything, feeling guilty, hurting yourself, feeling hopeless, etc.

It may take so long to recover

Dr. says that the mental illnesses that have been seen this time are mostly of mild symptoms and are seen after 2 to 3 months of being Kovid. These include anxiety, tension, depression, sadness, irritability and pain. Although these diseases with less symptoms get cured with time. As the environment improves, these patients will also return to normal life. It can take about 6 to 8 months for them to heal. However, if the mental problem is increasing, then it becomes very important to consult a doctor so that this problem does not increase further in the coming time. On the other hand, mental illnesses born of long gref i.e. deep sorrow can also take some more time.

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