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World Mental Health Day 2021: World Mental Health Day 2021 is being celebrated across the world today. Its purpose is to spread awareness among people about mental problems. So that people are aware of mental problems and can take help from doctors in time. Along with this, the difficulty of people suffering from mental problems can also be explained to their friends, relatives and society. The theme of World Mental Health Day in 2021 is ‘Mental health care for all: Let’s make it a reality’. In an article published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Public Policy and Health System Specialist Dr Chandrakant Lahariya has written that people ignore mental illnesses in our country.

Dr Laharia says that there is a shortage of mental health services in India and there is a huge shortage of doctors, nurses and counselors to treat mental illnesses. Friends, it has been seen that there are no mental health services in hospitals and health centers.

India’s position on mental health
According to a national survey conducted in the year 2015-16, in India, one person in every 8 i.e. about 17.5 crore people, is affected by some kind of mental illness. Out of these, there are 25 million people who are affected by serious illness, who need regular treatment by a psychologist and the remaining 150 million people, who do not have serious mental illness, can also benefit from strong and smooth general health services. Is.

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public opinion obstructed
Dr Laharia further writes, It is also worth noting here that most people hide their mental illness. They do not come in contact with health services, which is the reason for our society. One who looks down upon mental illness. Don’t know why people don’t see mental diseases as diseases related to heart, liver and lungs? Like other diseases, this can also be cured by treatment.

What needs to be done?
After the corona epidemic, the need for mental health services has increased. It is time state governments strengthen mental health services and increase government budget allocation for them. Such policies should be made so that the availability of mental health services reaches the people through primary health centers located close to the people.

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In addition to specialist doctors, the availability of trained nurses and other counselors in mental health services increased. There is a need for their innovation and efforts should be made to reach these services to remote rural areas through telemedicine. Along with this, it should also be ensured that the treatment of mental diseases is free and medicines are easily available. The government needs to clear the misconceptions related to mental diseases by running a special campaign, so that people do not hesitate to get treatment.

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