Women health Alert: tips to choose the Right size Bra Consequences of Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

Consequences of Wearing the Wrong Size Bra: Whether it is about make-up or any stylish dress, women take everything for themselves very carefully. However, most of the women do not spend so much time and attention while choosing a bra for themselves, due to which they have to face many health related problems later. In such a situation, let us know that wearing the wrong bra can increase the risk of diseases and what should be taken care of while buying a bra.

According to a chiropractic and osteopathy study, 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size, while 70 percent wear bras that are too small and 10 percent too big. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause back pain, shoulder pain, rashes and many health problems to a woman. To get rid of them, every woman should know her right size.

Disadvantages of wearing the wrong bra
breast pain-

The first problem that occurs due to wearing the wrong size bra is breast pain. This problem is more bothering those women who have heavy breasts, who exercise or exercise more or who are going through the condition of premenopausal.

back pain-
Research suggests that women who have large breasts and wear the wrong size bra may be more prone to back pain.

Shoulder and neck pain
Women with large breasts may also experience shoulder and neck pain from wearing the wrong bra. Actually, bras with wide straps that support the weight are designed for women with large breasts. But wearing a bra smaller than the size also becomes a cause of pain in the neck and shoulder.

Personality deteriorates
Many girls buy tight bras to look fit and slim. By doing this, she not only spoils her personality but can also make herself feel uncomfortable. In such a situation, buy a bra keeping in mind the rib cage and cup size.

Keep these things in mind while buying a bra-
Keep in mind, with the strap of the bra being tight, the elastic of its strap should be comfortable and soft.
Always choose bra according to body type and size.
Keep in mind that after wearing the bra, the cleavage area and the adjacent part of the arm are covered.
Always buy a bra of one size big cup, so that the skin does not come out after moving your hands up and down.

What is the expiry date of bra
According to experts, the bra gets damaged in 6 to 9 months. If your bra has cracked hooks, loose elastic, and twitching of the wire, it’s time to change your bra. Change bra at least twice a year.