Windows 11 operating system first update rolled out know how to scan your computer pc with know steps aaaq

Windows Operating System is used by most PC users in the world. Microsoft company has released a new operating system named Windows 11 operating system. Users will get some better security and features in this operating system. If the user thinks that malware has come on their PC, then here are some easy steps that they can use to protect their PC from malware.

Actually Microsoft’s new Windows 11 software already comes with security feature; Whose name is Windows Security. This feature is built-in in Windows 11. Using this feature, users can quickly scan Windows 11 PC.

Remove Malware From Your PC Using These Steps…
>>If you search ‘Windows Defender’ in the start menu, you will get the option of Windows Security. If you have disabled the search box, you can right-click on the taskbar and enable the search bar.

Then you have to click on Search > Show search box/icon.

>>If you do not want to enable the search box, you can also use some other method to access the Windows Security option.

For this, you have to go to the section of ‘Settings’, where you will get the option of ‘Privacy and Security’.

Select it and then go to the setting of ‘Windows Security’. This will provide a quick summary of your PC’s status. To open the software, you have to select the option ‘Open Windows Security’.

Learn Steps to Scan Windows 11 PC for Malware…

>> Open the ‘Windows Security’ tool.

>> Click on ‘Virus and Threat Protection’ option.

>>Now click on ‘Quick Scan’.

Follow these methods to do deep scan-
If you are doing deep scan, then you have to click on ‘Scan Option’, and select ‘Full Scan’ option.

This whole process is time consuming as it reviews all the files and operating programs available in your PC.

If Windows detects malware during the scan, you will need to select the ‘Start Action’ option to remove the virus from your computer.

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