US and UK warn of possible attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul | US and UK warn of possible attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul

digital desk, New Delhi. The US State Department and the UK State Department have warned their citizens about possible threats and attacks on the Serena Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, and asked them to stay away from it.

Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, the situation has not returned to normal. Many countries are worried about their citizens present in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the US and Britain on Monday warned their citizens to stay away from hotels in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, especially the famous Serena Hotel.

“Due to security risks at the Serena Hotel, we advise US citizens to avoid traveling to the hotel and the surrounding area,” a statement issued by the US State Department said on Monday.

“US citizens who are in or near the Serena Hotel should leave the place immediately,” the statement said.

Both the US State Department as well as the UK State Department have said there have been threats of attacks from the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) terrorist group.

The luxury and famous Serena Hotel in Kabul city has been closed since the Taliban captured the Afghan capital on August 15.

Originally built in 1945, the hotel is set amidst beautiful gardens, with beautiful views of the city’s Zarnegar Park.

This hotel has been witness to terrorist attacks in the past as well.

In 1979, Adolf Dubs, the US ambassador to Afghanistan, was killed inside a hotel room after his abduction.



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