Unknows tech facts know what is the difference between gmail and email know how to use gets facts here aaaq

Since the Corona period, the trend of online business has increased rapidly around the world. Due to the corona virus, the work that used to be done in the office also started happening online, and this is the reason why the consumption of internet among the people has also increased a lot. Various mediums were used to increase communication. Meanwhile, nowadays, we use e-mail a lot for office work or other work. But do you know what is the difference between email and gmail. You may also use Outlook for office work, but do you know about it too?

In the last few decades, many such digital platforms have emerged, which have made a big difference in the IT sector. For this reason, today’s modern era is the era of information revolution. Now many big social media platforms have come, which in a moment pass the information sent by you to someone else. In this connection, let us know what is the difference between Gmail and Email?

Email- Email means Stand for Electronic Mail. The messages that are sent through an electronic device are called email. This is an address like XYZ123… This address we use to send the information.

On the other hand, if we talk about Gmail, then it works to send email messages. Understand it with this example, @gmail.com is attached after our email address. This shows that Google is doing the work of sending that message to us. However, we also have to add the address of the medium through which we send the information.

On the other hand, if our email address is followed by @outlook.com, then Microsoft is working to send our message. In such a situation, Gmail works to send our messages. That’s where our email address is.

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