Time to get corona virus test is important results can also change study revealed

Washington. The ‘sensitivity’ of the coronavirus test may depend on what time of day the test is being conducted. Test results can also change according to the ‘biological clock’ of the person undergoing the test. This is revealed in a study published on Tuesday in the journal ‘Journal of Biological Rhythms’. The study found that if someone gets tested around midday than at night, then the accuracy of confirming the infection in his test (Coronavirus Positive) increases twice.

The researchers said that the results of the study match the hypothesis that the Kovid-19 virus is influenced by our internal natural processes of 24-hour sleep-wake in the body. He said that this has also been found in the results of studies on other viral and bacterial infections. Professor Carl Johnson at Vanderbilt University in the US said, “Testing for Kovid-19 at the appropriate time of day increases the sensitivity of the test and helps in detecting infection in people without symptoms. Researchers said that the results showed that the ‘viral load’ decreases after 8 pm.

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Researchers said that if people get the test done after 8 o’clock in the night or around it, then the chances of getting wrong results will increase. At the same time, a study done in Britain has revealed that the immune system’s response to Kovid and influenza is more or less similar. Recent infections or vaccinations provide a good defense against any further infection, but this defense gradually weakens. However, re-infection after these is either symptomless or very minor. But if the interval between the development of immunity and re-infection is longer, then there is a possibility of re-infection becoming more serious.

Due to the measures taken since the beginning of 2020 to prevent the spread of Kovid, such as lockdown, travel restrictions and work from home, etc., during the last 18 months, people have not been exposed to the flu much. In such a situation, the natural immunity that people have against this disease has reduced. The rate of influenza in the UK is still low, but if the virus starts spreading, things can change rapidly. The good news is that we have safe and effective anti-flu vaccines, which not only reduce the risk of infection, but also protect against serious disease. However, anti-flu vaccines are not as effective as anti-Covid vaccines.

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