The team that won the toss also won the match, what is happening in the World Cup? | The team that won the toss also won the match, what is happening in the World Cup?

Digital Desk, Dubai. The toss is playing an important role in the ICC T20 World Cup being played in UAE. Whichever captain wins the toss and decides to bowl first, almost the match goes in favor of his own team. So far 9 matches have been played in Super-12. In the meantime, an interesting thing is coming to the fore. 8 out of 9 teams have won the match, which have won the toss.

If we talk about the match played between Bangladesh and England, Bangladesh won the toss but could not win the match. Similarly, in the Scotland vs Afghanistan match, Afghanistan won the toss and batted first and defeated Scotland by a huge margin of 130 runs.

The ‘Golden Rule’ of bowling first after winning the toss

The T20 World Cup is being played in UAE and whoever wins the toss decides to bowl first because dew is a factor in the second innings and when the dew falls, it is difficult to bowl and bat in the second innings. becomes easier. There the temperature remains between 25-30 degrees at this time. This means that it is neither too cold nor too hot. Due to which dew starts falling there in the evening. The dew is making it very difficult to bowl. Because bowlers have trouble catching the ball. Even slow bowlers do not get the grip that they use to turn the ball.

The second reason is the soil of the continent of Asia, the Asian pitch is already known for batting, because the weather here is tropical, due to which the pitches here remain slow and if seen, cricket is being played continuously in UAE for the last 43 days. . So as the match progresses, the pitch becomes more slow, due to which the fast bowlers fail to bowl with the pace they are capable of.

You can see the latest example of this in the India-Pakistan match itself. Pakistan captain Babar Azam won the toss and decided to bowl first. When the match starts there is not that much dew, but as time goes on, the dew starts falling a lot, due to which our bowlers had a lot of trouble in bowling full-lengths.

Kohli expressed concern about dew

Dew remains a major problem for all teams. Captain Kohli had also mentioned this after the India Pakistan match. He had said that, “Dew may seem like a small reason to you, but it is a big reason. Due to dew, bowlers are suffering. Especially fast bowlers who bowl full length.”

How dew troubles bowlers

The dew has a direct effect on the grip of the ball. The grip for throwing different balls is also different. The type of ball (inswing, outswing, etc.) is determined by how the bowler catches the ball. Due to the dew, the ball becomes smooth and then the bowler is unable to throw the ball as he wants to bowl. The ball slips from the hand.

We also saw this during the Pakistan match with Shami and Bumrah. Whenever Shami wanted to bowl full length, he was getting full toss. Talking about Indian bowling, both Bumrah and Shami bowl fast. Also Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shardul Thakur bowl slow swing, but the dew bothers not only the fast, fast swing bowlers but also the slow bowlers because I am the skill of the grip.

What happened so far in T20 World Cup

Afghanistan has been the only team that won the toss and elected to bat first and won the match. Whereas Bangladesh won the toss against England, chose to bat but lost the match. In the remaining seven matches, the teams are fielding first and the result has been in their favour. The question is, should dew be such an important role in a tournament like the World Cup?

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