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Hole in the Heart Problem: In the era of corona epidemic, the biggest concern is about the health of children. Although very few cases of corona have been seen in children, but it has been seen that seasonal fever engulfs children. Or because of some infection or the other, their health gets worse. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, if children are getting lung infection repeatedly, then it can be a sign of a hole in the heart. The problem of hole in the heart is congenital in most of the children. In such a situation, it should not be ignored at all, because it can be fatal if it grows up.

Heart or heart is an important part of our body. To stay healthy, it is very important to have a healthy heart. It works to deliver blood throughout our body and delivers oxygen, nutrients to the tissues. If there is a slight problem in it then there is a serious impact on health. Hole in the heart is a serious disease. In this situation, the victim has to face many problems.

How are symptoms detected?
According to the news report, many such symptoms are seen in children who have a hole in the heart, from which it can be estimated that the child may have a hole in the heart. Frequent infections in the lungs are a major sign of a hole in the heart. However, sometimes it takes time for its symptoms to appear. A hole in the heart means a hole in the wall between the upper two chambers of the heart. In this condition, blood starts leaking from one chamber to another, affecting the functions of the heart.

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blueness in many parts of the body
Blueness in many parts of the body is also a major symptom of a hole in the heart. When pure blood mixes with impure blood and starts flowing in the body, the child’s mouth, ears, nails and lips begin to appear blue.

get tired early
Even though your child is healthy in sight, but if you get tired very quickly after playing for a while or doing any physical activity, then do not ignore it. This symptom can also be a sign of a hole in the heart.

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Respiratory system problems
In children who have a hole in the heart, problems related to the respiratory system are seen more. Such children have difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, sometimes experiencing pain, sound while breathing, rapid heartbeat, etc. Apart from this, such children also have the problem of feeling more cold (even in summer season), feeling difficulty in drinking milk, sudden sweating and very slow weight gain. Therefore, if your child shows any such symptoms, then instead of postponing, consult a doctor. It is possible to cure this problem. Doctors adopt the option of treatment according to the condition of the disease.

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