Tamil Nadu government to organize health camp after rain

Chennai: Tamil Nadu’s health department has directed district collectors to organize medical camps to prevent outbreak of infectious diseases following floods and incessant rains.

State Health Secretary Dr. J. Radhakrishnan has urged the district collectors to organize medical camps in all the flood-affected areas and prevent the outbreak of diseases.

In areas where floods have occurred and where water has receded, the state health department has ordered collectors to use bleaching powder, cleaning debris, cleaning garbage, preventing overflow of sewage with water, fogging, chlorinated water. To prevent and reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

The state health department has also directed district collectors to organize mobile medical camps for the treatment of diseases like fever, diarrhoea, jaundice and dengue.

Speaking to IANS, State Health Minister Ma Subramaniam said that the state health department has directed all district collectors to organize health camps to prevent any outbreak of diseases. The health department of the state will provide all assistance to the district administration to prevent the spread of any disease.

Several parts of Tamil Nadu have been battling the effects of heavy rains for the past few weeks. Due to which the chances of spreading diseases have increased.

The Health Department is organizing large scale COVID vaccination camps across the state. Around 50,000 camp centers are organized every week. The state government is to vaccinate around 1.04 crore people with the first dose of the COVID jab and the experience of organizing vaccination camps has made it easier for the district administration to organize health camps to combat the outbreak of communicable diseases after heavy rains. Is.

Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin held a high-level meeting with the Chief Secretary and other senior officials on Thursday to discuss measures to contain the outbreak of rain-related diseases.

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