You all crave healthy and better looking hair. Especially such strands of hair, which do not diminish with age. But getting such beautiful hair is nothing less than a fantasy. It demands a lot of hard work and penance! You cannot take care of your hair using only home remedies and hair care products. It … Read more

Only 43 people in the world have ‘Rh Null’, know what is ‘Golden Blood’ which can save everyone’s life

Till now you must have heard about only four groups of blood. But there is also a blood group about which very few people know, because it is found only in very few people. This rare golden blood….

What are the signs of an excessive amount of Vitamin D in the body? Know what is its effect on health

Vitamin D is also called the ‘sunshine’ vitamin. Apart from keeping us active, Vitamin D also strengthens our immunity. Due to this our muscle cells also keep on repairing.

oral hygiene tips: how to make homemade mouthwash to get rid of bad breath in hindi

Homemade Mouthwash: Sometimes the lack of oral hygiene becomes a cause of embarrassment for you. Bad breath coming from the mouth is also a result of such carelessness. Actually, when the dirt accumulated in the teeth is not removed properly, then it produces bacteria, due to which the bad smell starts in the mouth. If … Read more

Knowing the benefits of hugging someone, a smile will come on your face

Not only do you share a good bond with someone by hugging them, but hugging also releases many happy hormones. Especially by hugging someone in the midst of sorrows, its positive on his mental health.

and-black-pepper-can-cure-winter-related-problems-at home

Along with winter, it is also the season of Coronavirus. Every day we are hearing thousands of cases of Kovid – 19 Omicron. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of health, because even a small cold can increase your risk of getting infected with Kovid-19. Recently I also got mild … Read more

Consumption of coffee can help in eliminating chronic constipation, research reveals

A recent research has claimed that consuming coffee has positive effects on digestion and intestine. Along with this, it is also helpful in protecting against digestive problems like gallstones and liver diseases.

These plants are beneficial for health, they are used in Ayurvedic medicines

Many people dream of making a garden at home, but very few people do it. If you also want to plant plants in the house, then it is not necessary that there is a big garden or a very big space for it.