Services resume at 80 percent of Iranian gas stations after cyber attack

Tehran: Services have resumed at 80 percent of gas stations in Iran after widespread disruption caused by a major cyber attack. An official has given this information.

As of Wednesday, 3,000 gas stations in the country have been connected to the Iranian distribution network and tanks are being filled at standard prices, Xinhua news agency quoted National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) spokesman Fatemeh Kahi as saying.

Kahi said that the distribution of half-price rationed gasoline through individual smart cards is being done at a slow pace and that 220 stations are currently providing the service across Iran.

NIOPDC spokesperson said, due to the spread of fuel stations across the country and the need for the presence of a technician in each of them to solve the problem, the distribution of special price distribution would be time-consuming.

A major cyber attack took place on Tuesday, leading to long queues at gas stations across the country.

Abolhassan Firozabadi, secretary of the Supreme Council for Cyberspace, has said the attack was probably carried out by a foreign country with the aim of disrupting Iran’s public services.

According to Iranian news network Press TV, the country has been using an online system to ration the subsidized fuel since November 2019, when the government ordered price hikes for gasoline and diesel.

Under this system, motorists are entitled to 60 liters of gasoline per month at a reduced cost.

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