Russia reports its worst single-day Covid-19 death toll of 968 since start of pandemic | Corona wreaks havoc on Russia, highest number of deaths in one day

A record 968 people died on Saturday due to corona virus infection in Russia.

Moscow: Corona virus has wreaked havoc on Russia and hundreds of people are losing their lives every day. A record 968 people died on Saturday due to corona virus infection in the country. The report of ‘The National Corona Virus Task Force’ states that (the number of deaths due to Kovid-19) is increasing continuously with the daily record in October. It added that this is about 100 more daily deaths than at the end of September. The task force also said in the report that the number of daily infected has reached 29 thousand.

‘Massive increase in the number of deaths due to Kovid-19’

Officials said that due to low vaccination rates across the country, the number of infected and the number of deaths due to Kovid-19 has increased. The Deputy Prime Minister informed that 33 per cent people across the country have been given at least one dose of anti-Covid vaccines. Let us inform that earlier on Friday, 936 patients had died and this was the highest number of deaths in a single day due to corona in this country so far. On Wednesday, for the first time in the country, more than 900 people died due to infection with the corona virus.

Officials refused to impose lockdown
Russia the slow pace of vaccination and the government’s reluctance to tighten restrictions corona virus It is believed to be responsible for the sharp increase in infections and deaths. Explain that even after the rapid increase in the number of infections and deaths, government officials rejected the idea of ​​imposing a lockdown. He had said that the regional authorities would take steps to control the spread of the virus. At the same time, the Kremlin said that very few Russian citizens are getting vaccinated. Let us inform that so far about 77.5 lakh cases of infection have been reported in Russia and more than 2.15 lakh people have died.


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