Russia may invite Taliban representatives to talks on Afghanistan? Russia may invite Taliban representatives to talks on Afghanistan?


  • On October 12, there is going to be a conference of G20 countries on the issue of Afghanistan.
  • Russia’s envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov invites Taliban representatives to Afghan talks
  • Russia has not yet recognized Taliban rule

New Delhi:

Now the world community’s attitude towards the Taliban is changing or in view of the concern of its neighboring countries about the future of Afghanistan, the global community is moving forward a new strategy-diplomacy. Russia is going to invite the Taliban to ensure their participation in the international talks on Afghanistan on October 20. China, India, Iran and Pakistan will also participate in this important dialogue. Russia’s envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, is behind this plan. Kabulov gave this information to Russian journalists on Thursday. Journalists asked Zamir Kabulov whether Russia is going to invite representatives of the radical organization Taliban to this Afghan talks? In response to this question, Kabulov said, “Yes.”

However, Zamir Kabulov did not elaborate on the Afghan talks in Moscow. At the same time, according to the Russian news agency TAAS, Zamir Kabulov admitted that Russia is going to invite the Taliban, but he did not say what level of representatives of the organization it is planning to include in the talks.

Before this talks in Moscow, a conference of G20 countries is going to be held on 12 October on the issue of Afghanistan. In this conference, after the Taliban gains power, the country is to be discussed to save the country from human tragedy.

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Earlier in March, Moscow has hosted another international conference on Afghanistan. Russia, America, China and Pakistan participated in it. In a joint statement issued after this conference, an appeal was made to the parties fighting in Afghanistan to reach a peace agreement and reduce violence.

In the same conference, the Taliban were appealed not to carry out any attacks from the months of March to September. It was only after this that America started the process of withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years.

On Wednesday, a senior UN official warned of progressing towards a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In this regard, Zamir Kabulov was asked whether Russia would help Afghanistan?

So he said, “Russia will do it but no decision has been taken on how it will be done. It is being looked into.”

Russia has extended its hand of talks to the Taliban, but has not yet recognized the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan. The Taliban is still banned in Russia as an extremist organization.

On Monday, Zamir Kabulov said that UN sanctions against the Taliban regime would not be left out of the reconsideration process.

After the Taliban took control of Kabul in August, Russia kept its embassy open in Kabul when most Western countries were rushing to move their diplomats to Afghanistan and vacate the embassy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already criticized other countries’ interference in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs. He said that Moscow had learned a lesson from the Soviet Union’s attack on Afghanistan.

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