Remo D’Souza beats Raghav Juyal in Dance Plus 6’s Push Up Challenge

Choreographer Remo D’Souza and host Raghav Juyal did a fun workout challenge where Raghav tried to woo Shakti Mohan with his unique and witty style with Remo on Dance Plus 6.

Teasing Raghav for his relentless efforts to impress Shakti, Remo begins a challenge saying, Raghav, I have seen you try to seduce Shakti for a few years. Nothing came out of it and it hurts me because I consider you my own. Then I thought why should Shakti think about you, or why should you think. So I decided it’s time to make you more attractive, here everyone is fit and have six pack abs now it’s your turn!

Laughing about the call-out, Raghav tells Remo, everyone has abs except Salman, Puneet, contestants and you me. It makes me unique, I stand out!

Refuting Raghav’s joke, Remo starts a workout challenge and says, I want you to do some push ups with me so that I can teach you how to do it.

Raghav accepted the challenge and made hilarious moves. Whereas Remo’s impressive push up skills created a great star hit moment. The challenge ended with Remo beating Raghav in push ups and there was a sweet moment shared between Shakti and Raghav as he again made a flirtatious gesture towards her.

Disney Plus is streaming Dance Plus Season 6 on Hotstar.

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