Read deleted WhatsApp messages with the use of this simple trick mlks

New Delhi. Recently, a feature has been given in WhatsApp that if you have sent a wrong message to someone, then you can delete it. After you delete it, the person in front will not see that message. This can include photos, videos or text. But if you want that you will be able to read the message that has been deleted, then you can use this trick for that. But as you read in the title it is a risky trick. How is it risky? We will tell this further, but first know this trick.

However, no such feature has been given by WhatsApp that you can see the deleted message again. So the trick is that you have to download a third party application to see the deleted messages. After installing these applications, you will be able to see all the messages which have been deleted after sending them.

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Android phone users can read deleted messages like this
If you have an Android smartphone then you can install WAMR or WhatsRemoved+ app. These apps read your chat and keep a copy of it. As soon as a message arrives in your device, its copy is automatically prepared. Once something is copied, even if it is deleted, then its copy can be seen. Text, photos or even videos are also stored in these apps.

security is a threat
But you have to take special care of one thing. These apps ask for various permissions from you to read your WhatsApp messages. If you give permission then it can be a threat to your safety. And the reason is that it stores your data. If you install these apps then the risk will be yours.

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This trick is for Apple user
There is no such application for Apple users that can store a copy of WhatsApp messages. But even those with Apple can read text messages even after they have been deleted. They can see that message by going to their notification center. If they have not cleared their notification bar, then the notifications of WhatsApp are also present in it. If Apple users click on the notification, then the deleted message will stop showing.

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