Power Crisis Live Updates: There is a danger of power crisis in South India too | Power Crisis Live Updates: There is a danger of power crisis in South India too, 4-7 days of coal reserves are left


Power Crisis Live Updates: There is a danger of power crisis in South India too

New Delhi. Due to the shortfall in the supply of coal from the central pool, soon the states of South India may also face power crisis. The southern states have an average coal reserve of 4 to 7 days. If these states do not get the desired supply of coal, then in the next 4-5 days people may face a lot of trouble.

First let’s talk about Karnataka, sensing this crisis, the Chief Minister of the state Basavaraj Bommai has demanded the central government to allocate 14 rakes of coal per day to the state, 4000 tonnes of coal comes in 1 rake. three in the state thermal power station Raichur, Ballari and Eramras. About 5020 MW of electricity is generated daily from these three stations. For this 11 rakes of coal are required per day. At present, 6 to 10 rakes of coal are being supplied in Karnataka, due to which coal reserves have started being used in all three plants. If the required coal is not received from the central pool in the next 3-7 days, then there will be a power crisis in the state. In the midst of this crisis, it is a matter of relief for Karnataka that in the last 10 days, there has been good rain in the state, due to which the production of power in hydel plants has increased.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu usually has a reserve stock of 2 to 3 weeks of coal, but due to shortfall in supply of coal, only 4 to 5 days of reserve is left at present. 3 to 5 days reserve stock is left in 3 power stations at Chennai, Mettur and Tuticorin having total generation of 4320 MW. Officials say that in view of the current supply, electricity can be supplied without interruption for 10 days, but after that there may be trouble.

Andra Pradesh

The problem is more in Andhra Pradesh, where the supply is getting only 40,000 tonnes against the desired 70,000 tonnes. Last week, 3 power stations had to be closed due to shortage of coal, currently Andhra Pradesh has only 2 days of stock left. State CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the central government for immediate coal supply.


The Government of Kerala is closely monitoring the situation. An appeal has been made to the common people to spend electricity wisely, otherwise there may be a crisis in future. In the evening hours, which are called peak hours, there is a power shortage of 120 to 200 MW in Kerala. According to officials, supply is currently possible from the existing stock, but if this problem continues for a long time, then the government will be forced to take some strict steps.


The situation in Telangana is currently under control. On the directions of the Central Government, 34 rakes of coal are being produced and supplied every day instead of 30 from the Singareni coal mine present here, so that the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh can be helped.

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