Power consumption moderates by 72 MU on Sat amid coal shortage | Coal crisis: 7.2 crore units reduction in power consumption on Saturday


Coal crisis: 7.2 crore units reduction in power consumption on Saturday

New Delhi: Electricity consumption declined by nearly two per cent or 72 million units to 3828 million units on Saturday from 390 million units on Friday, according to the power ministry data. This led to an improvement in the power supply across the country amid the shortage of coal. According to the data, the consumption of electricity on Friday, October 8 was 3900 million units, which was the highest so far this month (October 1-9). The spurt in power demand had become a cause of concern amid the ongoing coal crisis in the country.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (DDL), a unit of Tata Power, which deals with power distribution in North and North-West Delhi, on Saturday sent a phone message to its consumers to use electricity judiciously due to limited availability of coal. was requested to do. The power ministry said that the total supply of coal by Coal India Limited (CIL) reached 15.01 lakh tonnes per day. This reduced the gap between consumption and actual supply.

Ministry of Coal and CIL have assured that they are doing their best to increase the coal requirement in the power sector to 1.6 million tonnes per day in the next three days and thereafter to 1.7 million tonnes per day. There are four reasons for the depletion of coal reserves in power plants – unprecedented increase in demand for electricity due to the revival of the economy, adverse effects on coal production and transportation due to heavy rains in coal mines, steep rise in imported coal prices and due to monsoon. Not stocking enough coal earlier.


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