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Petrol Diesel Prices: Increase in oil prices again, know what is the rate in your city

New Delhi. The price of petrol and diesel continues to rise. Today, petrol prices in the country’s capital New Delhi increased by 30 paise while diesel prices increased by 35 paise. After the increase in oil prices today, petrol prices in Delhi have now reached a record level of ₹ 104.44 per liter while diesel prices in Delhi have reached a record level of ₹ 93.17 per liter.

Even in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel have spoiled the budget of the people. Petrol was hiked by 29 paise while diesel prices increased by 37 paise in Mumbai today. After the increase in the price of oil in Mumbai today, petrol is being sold at ₹ 110.41 per liter and diesel at ₹ 101.03 per liter.

Let us tell you that today for the seventh consecutive day, the prices of petrol and diesel have been increased by the oil companies. Let us tell you, according to the information given on the website of Indian Oil (IOC), the prices of petrol and diesel in different cities.

  1. Petrol in Kolkata today Rs 105.09 and diesel Rs 96.28 per liter
  2. Petrol in Chennai today Rs 101.79 and diesel Rs 97.59 per liter
  3. Petrol in Bengaluru today Rs 108.08 and diesel Rs 98.89 per liter
  4. Petrol in Lucknow today Rs 101.47 and diesel Rs 93.61 per liter
  5. Petrol in Noida today Rs 101.70 and diesel Rs 93.80 per liter
  6. Petrol in Patna today Rs 107.64 and diesel Rs 99.72 per liter
  7. Petrol in Jaipur today Rs 111.54 and diesel Rs 102.69 per liter
  8. Petrol in Gurugram today Rs 102.11 and diesel Rs 93.91 per liter
  9. Petrol in Hyderabad today Rs 108.64 and diesel Rs 101.66 per liter
  10. Petrol in Ranchi today Rs 98.94 and diesel Rs 98.34 per liter
  11. Petrol in Dehradun today Rs 100.57 and diesel Rs 94.02 per liter
  12. And in Shimla today petrol is at the level of Rs 101.87 and diesel at Rs 92.37 per liter.


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