People performing aarti during Namaz and deployment of police in Gurugram | Hindu organizations performed aarti at the place of offering Namaz in Gurugram Sector-47, police were deployed

Digital Desk, Gurugram. A new controversy erupted over the place to offer Namaz at a public place in Gurugram’s Sector-47 when members of Hindu organizations and residents, including women, performed aarti along with slogans. However, prayers were offered at the spot in Sector-47 amid heavy police deployment. The situation remained peaceful in the area, but a group of 50-70 residents of adjoining areas and members of a Hindu group came out to protest against offering prayers in the open space, citing safety and traffic concerns during the Namaz.

At 12.30 pm, members of a Hindu organization and residents of Sector-47 reached the community prayer site here. Mohammad Tahir, who works at a carpentry shop, said he had been going to offer prayers there for more than two years but saw objections only during the last two-three weeks. Tahir said, only for the last two-three weeks, some people come here and obstruct the prayer and ask us to vacate the area. We are all wearing masks, following the COVID-19 protocol and offering namaz in peace.

A resident of Sector-47 said, this land comes under the control of the state government. As residents here, we object to those following our faith on the roads and obstructing traffic movement. This is a safety hazard to all residents. Residents said that those who had gathered to protest the prayers claimed that the sites designated by the district administration in May 2018 were only for a specific period.

A senior police officer said, some residents rushed to the site to obstruct Najam. They said that they do not want Namaz to continue in the open here. We informed them that this site is included in the list of designated sites. He said the situation remained peaceful at the place where open prayers were offered.



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