Palash Sen releases euphoria album SALE after years long hiatus | Palash Sen made a comeback with ‘SALE’, the atmosphere of fun again in VIDEO

New Delhi: ‘Dhoom Pichak Dhoom’ fame indie pop band Euphoria Band recently released a music album after a long gap of nine years. The specific title of the album is ‘SALE’. Euphoria founder Palash Sen told in an interview how the band made an album after nine years. ‘Cell’ is Euphoria’s eighth music album after ‘Refugee’ in 2012.

Result of 17 years of hard work

Palash Sen said, ‘SAIL is the result of 17 years of hard work. You can absolutely say that we were making this album for 17 years. The composition of ‘Kesariya’ took a road trip from Delhi to Shimla with my brother Ayushmann Khurrana 17 years ago. The last entry on the record was the title song, which was composed two months earlier. This band made many other popular songs like ‘Meri’, ‘Ab Na Jaa’.

There are 9 songs in the album

The album includes songs like ‘Sail’, ‘Kesariya’, ‘Sahiba’, ‘Bawra’, ‘Khwamkha’, ‘Sajna’ and ‘I Like It’. Palash Sen further said, ‘Honestly, this album came about because of our determination to fight and because of people who refused to give us more good music.’

Bollywood showed low, but did not give up

Palash said that he was humiliated many times in Bollywood. He recalled, ‘A Bollywood executive told me how to make a song.. and a so called friend told me about Euphoria. Those things however are no longer relevant. You can bring us down, but we will rise again and never be out. Palash said the band has been active and releasing singles over the past decade.

Many singles given in 10 years

“We have been actively releasing singles over the last 10 years, but somehow an album was always on the cards,” he said. Palash said, “There is hardly anyone releasing an independent album these days. So-called indie songs are also controlled by the label. So we had to step up and take up the challenge. We dared to do it and I am sure many indie artists will follow the rules of the band.’

why chose such a name

Palash said of the thought process of naming the album ‘Cell’, “The situation around us, the people I met, the people I lost and the friends I made, almost everything I’ve done over the past decade.” have seen. I know the price is being compromised for.. any cost! It really forced me to ask myself a lot of questions.

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