Omicron in Kerala too? 3 samples sent for genome sequencing

Thiruvananthapuram: Results of three COVID positive samples sent for genomic sequencing in Kerala are out. The state is facing increased cases of corona than before. In such a situation, new cases of Omicron can increase his trouble.

According to officials, the results of all the three samples are expected in a day or two.

The three samples that have been sent for genomic sequencing include a sample from a medical professional who had arrived from the UK earlier this week and tested positive for COVID-19.

After this his mother also turned out to be Kovid positive whose samples have been sent for genome sequencing.

The third sample is of a person of Tamil origin who had reached Kozhikode from Germany.

All three have been isolated.

After testing 62,343 samples in Kerala on Friday, 4,995 people were found positive and 44,637 were active cases.

Incidentally, Kerala holds the record for reporting the first COVID case in January 2020, when a medical student from China tested positive.

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