Nusrat Jahan gets married with Yash Dasgupta photos reveal the facts | Nusrat Jahan got married secretly? Photos surfaced opened the poll

New Delhi: Nusrat Jahan, the actress of Bengali film industry and TMC MP, remains in constant discussion. Nusrat Jahan remained under the scanner due to the breakdown of marriage and the birth of a child. Sometimes he was asked about the father of the child and sometimes about the relationship with actor Yash Dasgupta. The actress did not give an open answer on anything, rather she was seen avoiding these questions, but now Nusrat seems to be ready to answer every question. She is revealing everything to the world in gestures.

Nusrat celebrated Yash’s birthday

Actually, Nusrat Jahan celebrated Yash Dasgupta’s birthday last night. He has shared its pictures on his Instagram handle. One of these pictures is attracting the attention of the people. Actually, the birthday cake of Yash Dasgupta is seen in this picture. Happy Birthday Husband and Dad is written on this cake. After seeing this, people are now speculating that Nusrat has married Yash. Although nothing has been said on the marriage from both of them so far, there is no confirmation whether both of them have married or not. This picture is going viral on social media, Zee News does not confirm it.

Nusrat had candle light dinner with Yash

Apart from this picture, Nusrat Jahan has shared another picture with Yash Dasgupta, in which both are seen having candle light dinner. In the caption of this picture, Nuzrat wrote, ‘Happy birthday my love.’ Let us tell you, Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan are living together since the birth of the child. Because of this also people are expressing the possibility of their marriage.

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Nusrat’s child’s name was revealed

Let me tell you, on August 26, the house of Nusrat Jahan resonated. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Nusrat Jahan has now returned to work. Has started reaching among the public as well. Let me tell you, Nusrat was also in a lot of discussion about the name of the child’s father on the previous day. Actually, the details of the child’s birth registration were revealed on the portal of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. In such a situation, the name of the child and the father of the child had come in the public domain. In the information revealed, the name of the child is written as Ishaan J Dasgupta. At the same time, the father’s name is written as Debashish Dasgupta. Let us tell you, the official name of actor Yash Dasgupta is Debashish Dasgupta. It was clear from this that Yashdas Gupta is the father of Nusrat Jahan’s child. For a long time, it was being speculated that not Nikhil Jain but actor Yash Dasgupta is the father of the child, which has now come in front of everyone.

Yash’s video went viral

Remind me, in the past, a video of Yash Dasgupta went viral, in which he was spotted carrying a child in his lap. During this Nusrat was also with him. Let us tell you, after the delivery of Nusrat Jahan, Yash Dasgupta had also informed the people about the birth of the baby. He shared the post on his social media handle and said that Nusrat and baby are healthy. By the way, while many people are liking the pairing of Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan, on the other hand many people are also criticizing the relationship of both. Recently, in a public event, Nusrat had said that she is spending a good time with Yash.

The matter of pregnancy was revealed in the month of June

The news of Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy came to the fore in the month of June, when her baby bump came in front of people. After this, questions started continuously arising about the relationship between Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain. On this, Nikhil said that he did not know anything about the matter of pregnancy. Also said that both have separated and live in different houses. It was only after this that the matter of relationship with Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta also came to the fore. By the way, let us tell you, no statement has come from Nusrat Jahan’s side regarding the relationship with Yash Dasgupta, nor has Yash. Any clarification is given on this. Nusrat Jahan had said in her statement in the past that she and Yash are co-parenting the child.

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