North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lost 20 kilograms but remains healthy, South Korea | Kim Jong Un slim, weight reduced from 140 kg: Intelligence agency

Image Source : AP
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has recently lost about 20 kilograms and is in good health.

Seoul: South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers on Thursday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has recently lost nearly 20 kilograms and is in good health. The agency said that Kim Jong is trying to fulfill his duty towards the public to deal with the deteriorating economic conditions. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) gave this information during a parliamentary meeting. The two lawmakers involved said that he used artificial intelligence techniques, analysis of Kim’s videos and other methods to investigate Kim’s condition.

‘Kim is now 120 kg’

Note that in recent months kim Special attention has been paid to his health as he has appeared quite thin in media pictures and videos. MP Kim Byung-ki said the NIS told the parliamentary session that Kim’s weight had come down from around 140 kg to 120 kg. NIS previously stated that Kim is approximately 170 cm (5 ft, 8 in) tall. She said Kim has been engaging in public activities for 70 days so far this year, a 45 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Recently, Kim had rained on America
Let us inform that in a speech given on the occasion of ‘Defence Extension Exhibition Self Defense-2021’, Kim pledged to create an ‘invincible’ army. Kim said that the US has been indicating that it does not have a hostile attitude towards North Korea, but it has not taken any steps to prove it so far. He had said that America has been continuously creating tension in this region with its wrong decisions and steps.

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