No Covid cases found in North Korea despite tests, says WHO | Despite testing, not a single case of corona was found in North Korea: WHO

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It is surprising that North Korea, a country with a population of more than 25 million, is left untouched by Corona.

Seoul: A report by the World Health Organization states that despite testing in North Korea, not a single case of infection with the corona virus has been reported. According to the report, North Korea had conducted corona virus tests of about 42,000 people, but none of them were found to be infected with the virus. According to the WHO’s Kovid-19 Weekly Report, from October 8-14, a total of 678 North Koreans tested positive for the virus, but all tested negative.

Corona test of 42,773 people in North Korea so far

Yonhap news agency Report In the new tests conducted, 113 people were found to have a flu-like acute respiratory infection disease, while everyone else was healthy. So far North Korea of a total of 42,773 people corona The test has been done. North Korea has claimed to be free of the corona virus by taking anti-virus measures, including strict border controls. Let us inform that the total number of cases of corona virus infection in the world has reached the figure of 245 million and this disease has killed 49.7 lakh people so far.

How a country with a population of 2.5 crores is untouched by Corona!
In view of the dangerous situation of Corona, North Korea, a country with a population of more than 25 million, is surprised to be left untouched by it. Such countries have also been affected by this deadly virus whose population is in thousands. Even in North Korea’s neighboring country South Korea, more than 3.5 lakh cases of corona have been reported and 2788 people have died.

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