Man landed on bmw car after jumping from 9th floor still talked to people sankri

Many times a person loses his troubles and takes such decisions, which are harmful for him. In this, suicide is such a decision which is a sign of cowardice. But not every time a person is successful in this. Something similar happened to a man living in New Jersey. This man jumped from the ninth floor (Man Jumped From 9th Floor) to give his life. But death itself betrayed him. The man fell on a BMW car parked directly below. After this, seeing the condition of the car and the person, everyone’s heart trembled.

Eyewitnesses of the incident told that this person was alive even after falling down from such a height. The most surprising thing was that the person fell on the car below. He got very deep injuries but he was conscious and he started talking to the people standing below. First he asked what happened? After this people told him that he had fallen from the ninth floor. The man groaning in pain somehow got down from the car and was admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. It is being told that he has suffered serious injuries.

The man who fell from such a height shattered the car

The condition of the car worth crores is bad
The pictures of this incident that came out from America are going viral on social media. The person has hidden his identity and does not want to come forward in this matter. But it is being told that his age is about 31 years. He jumped from the ninth floor like a film scene. But his landing took place on a BMW car parked directly below. Due to the fall from such a height, not only did the person get hurt, as well as the car also got worse. The roof of the car completely collapsed. Also its windows and front glass were shattered. The man was badly trapped in the broken roof of the car.

man fall on bmw from 9th floor

The man who fell down from this building

things out there
In a statement to the New York Post, an eyewitness to the incident, Christina Smith, said suddenly she heard a loud noise. At first he did not understand what fell from above? But after a while listening to the sound of moaning, he saw that a person had fallen on top of the car from such a height. The man had suffered a lot of injuries. His wrist was completely twisted. After this someone called in the emergency and informed the ambulance and the police. The man was seen talking to people even after falling down. At present, the owner of the car has not been found. But it is certain that learning such a condition of his car will surely spoil his mind.

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