Maharashtra staring at load shedding as 13 coal run power plants shut down


Power crisis deepens in Maharashtra

New Delhi. The shortage of coal has raised the possibility of deepening power crisis in Maharashtra. The situation is that the state government has now appealed to the people to save electricity and not waste any kind. The appeal of the state government has come after the work stalled in 13 power plants in the state. Due to shortage of coal, production at these plants has stopped.

What is the statement of the State Electricity Department

“Due to shortage of coal, production has come to a standstill in 13 thermal power plants supplying power to MSEDCL, due to which the power supply of more than 3300 MW has been affected,” the power department said in a circular. The department said that emergency procurement is being done to maintain the power supply as well as strenuous efforts are being made by MSEDCL to prevent load shedding. However, in view of the situation, the department has advised to use electricity wisely. The department asked the people to make balanced use of electricity from 6 am to 10 am and from 6 pm to 10 pm to balance demand and availability. According to the statement, due to the increasing demand for electricity, its purchase price has become expensive. At present, for the shortfall of 3330 MW, electricity is being procured from the open market. 700 MW power is being purchased from the open market at the rate of Rs 13.60 per unit. On Sunday morning, 900 MW of electricity was purchased at the rate of Rs 6.23 per unit through real time transactions.

What is the statement of the central government
On Sunday itself, Energy Minister RK Singh said that there is no power crisis in the country and it is being shown deliberately. According to him, the states are getting electricity according to the demand. Along with this, the Coal Minister had also said earlier that there is no shortage of coal in the country, although due to rain affecting the mines and problems in transporting coal to the plant, the coal stock in the plant has decreased. At the same time, the Energy Minister said that at present coal is being supplied to the plant as per the demand and at present there is no possibility of power crisis.

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