Know whether Sreejesh will play in 2024 Paris Olympics?- Nothing is certain but want to stay with this team till Paris Olympics: PR Sreejesh

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Nothing is certain but want to stay with this team till Paris Olympics: PR Sreejesh

Veteran Indian goalkeeper PR Sreejesh wants to compete in the Paris Olympics but on Saturday said a lot will depend on his fitness and his performance till the 2024 Games. The 33-year-old from Kerala was recently adjudged the best goalkeeper in the men’s category at the FIH annual awards for his performance in India’s historic bronze medal achievement at the Tokyo Olympics.

Asked if he would play in the Paris Olympics, Sreejesh said, “No player will ever refuse to play in the Olympics, we are greedy people. There will always be a motivation to work hard and give our best.”

He said, “My career will be 21 years. So I would always like to play another match, play another Olympics until my teammates throw me out, it is certain that I will be in the team.”

Speaking to India Today, he said, “But nothing is certain in a sportsperson’s life. Injuries can happen, performance can also drop, others can do better than me.”

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Sreejesh’s former teammates Rupinder Pal Singh, Birender Lakra and SV Sunil recently retired after a successful Olympic campaign to give opportunities to the youngsters. When Indian captain Manpreet Singh was asked the same question, he said, “He will go to Paris for our team. Sreejesh is the best goalkeeper so we would like to see him. We have full faith in him and rest depends on his fitness and other things.” Is.”


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