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Know All About Green Crackers : As Diwali (Diwali 2021) approaches, the discussion of crackers and pollution becomes an important part of news headlines. Sometimes the organizations working for the environment approach the court to ban firecrackers, and sometimes the traders’ associations cry out for their loss. In fact, due to the impact of air quality due to pollution and fireworks, the problems of patients who have suffered lung infections due to breathlessness, asthma and covid increase. In view of the increasing pollution in Delhi in the last several years, the court has allowed only green firecrackers. Instead of dangerous and polluting firecrackers, we give you some important information about these green firecrackers.

Do you know what these green crackers are? And how are they different from the old traditional crackers? In the year 2017, while relaxing the complete ban on firecrackers and fireworks, the top court had allowed green crackers. These have been prepared by experts from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI). Their burning causes less pollution. This does not reduce the fun of Diwali, as these green crackers are similar to normal firecrackers in appearance, burning and sound. Their shell size is also less as compared to common firecrackers.

How are green crackers different?
Green crackers are made from less polluting raw materials. Green crackers are actually less polluting than old firecrackers. They do not contain compounds like salt or antimony, lithium, arsenic, lead. Less dangerous chemical compounds are used in these. Their chemical formulation emits less particulate matter in the environment. Green crackers emit less hazardous particles.

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Old firecrackers have less sound
Noise pollution caused by green firecrackers is less as compared to old firecrackers. Out of these, there is a maximum noise pollution of 110 to 125 decibels, while in old firecrackers it is up to 160 decibels.

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Green crackers are expensive
Talking about money, these firecrackers are smaller in size and costlier than the polluting firecrackers. Many shopkeepers in Delhi have been given licenses for green crackers. Green crackers can be bought from Sadar Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Dariban Kalan, Durgapuri in Yamunapar and Shahdara in Delhi.

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