JioPhone Next will drive the next wave of smartphone revolution: Sundar Pichai | JioPhone Next will drive the next wave of smartphone revolution

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Reliance Jio is all set to launch its next handset soon in the festive season. On this, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that in three-five years, the affordable JioPhone Next smartphone will make a huge impact in helping millions of people connect and take advantage of it.

The upcoming JioPhone Next smartphone will be powered by Android Pragati OS, which is touted to be a world-class operating system specially made for India.

Announcing strong quarterly results late on Tuesday, Pichai said, “People are looking for reach and there has certainly been a wave of smartphone adopters from them (in India). He elaborated, there is still a demand to shift from feature phones to smartphones. JioPhone Next is like building a phone and going local by breaking away from the English speaking community. It is designed in such a way that everyone can take advantage of the smartphone.

The device is packed with exciting features like Google Assistance, automatic read-aloud for any on-screen text and a smart camera with language translation. Pichai said he sees JioPhone Next as laying the foundation for the next wave of digital transformation.

He said, it is a version of digital transformation and I think in a time-frame of 3-5 years, Jio Phone will have a huge impact. But overall, India remains an exciting market for us. We see strength in all the categories we are in and you will continue to see us stay focused there.

The device will support all the available Android apps that users can download and use on the device through the Google Play Store. In a span of five years, Jio has become a household name in India. With 430 million users, its services span across geographic, economic and social strata.

With JioPhone Next, the company aims to take a decisive step towards its vision of democratizing digital connectivity in India.


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