India reiterates demand for finding origin of COVID-19 China WHO | China hides data? India reiterates demand to trace origin of Kovid-19

India on Thursday once again reiterated its demand to trace the origin of Kovid-19.

BEIJING/NEW DELHI: India on Thursday once again reiterated its demand to trace the origin of Kovid-19. A day earlier, the World Health Organization has constituted a group of experts to carry forward the study of this complex issue. The topic of the origin of Kovid-19 has been a very complex issue for the last 1.5 years when the virus first appeared in Wuhan, China. Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday warned against the re-examination of the WHO on the origin of the corona virus, terming it as a possible ‘political manipulation’.

2 Indians also included in Scientific Advisory Group

WHO According to, Raman Gangakhedkar, an eminent epidemiologist from India and Dr C.G. Pandit has been made a member of this 26-member scientific advisory group to trace the origin of the virus. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We reiterate what we have said earlier. It is our interest (connected) to further study on this subject and the data regarding the origin and the understanding and cooperation of all concerned.

China accused of not providing complete figures
It is noteworthy that WHO chief Tredos A. Gebreyesus on Wednesday announced the formation of a scientific advisory group to find out the origin of the novel pathogen (SAGO). Earlier, in a report in April, WHO said that it is unlikely that corona virus Leaked from a lab in Wuhan and likely spread through bats. After the publication of this report, the US and some other countries had expressed concern that the Chinese administration was not providing complete data to the WHO team.

‘Opposition to political manipulation on support of investigation’
There itself, China called the re-examination of the origin of the corona virus a possible ‘political manipulation’. The country’s ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China would “cooperate and participate in scientific detection at the global level and strongly oppose any kind of political manipulation.” We hope that all relevant parties and advisory groups, including the WHO Secretariat, will take an impartial and accountable scientific approach. Experts proposed by the United Nations Health Agency include some people who were also on the earlier team.

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