IIT started new batch of B.Tech in virtual mode

New Delhi: IIT Gandhinagar has started new batches of BTech students in virtual mode. A total of 249 students from 18 Indian states have appeared in the 2021-2025 batch, with the maximum number of students coming from Maharashtra (62), Rajasthan (49) and Gujarat (38). It is followed by Andhra Pradesh (17), Telangana (16), Uttar Pradesh (14), Madhya Pradesh (12), Bihar (10).

According to IIT Gandhinagar, the sex ratio among BTech students is continuously improving, with about 21 percent female students joining the institute in various subjects as compared to around 19 percent female students in the 2020 batch. Two students in the new batch are also from USA and Canada.

Along with this, the institute has also started its flagship foundation program in virtual mode. Professor Sudhir K Jain, Director, IIT Gandhinagar interacted online with the new batch and introduced them to the unique qualities and institutional culture.

He exhorted the students to take responsible decisions for themselves and said, the fundamental quality of IITGN is that we focus on preparing our students for life and not just for their first job so that they can feel confident. To face any challenge. We make extraordinary efforts to provide our students with a strong foundation to build their personality and values ​​and improve their outlook towards life. Just as a kite has to release a thread to fly high, IITGN gives its students the wings of freedom and success.

The Foundation Program 2021 has been designed as a five-week holistic development program with an interesting mix of engaging subjects and activities. Apart from orientation on various institutional activities, facilities and campus life, this year’s foundation program includes online gaming practice, time-management, stress-management, wellness, cybercrime, cooking and engineering, on team-building through design Various sessions are included.

The first year is divided for the upcoming B.Tech batch covering the core curriculum required while achieving the holistic development of the students. Term 1 will be conducted online, Term 2 and 3 are planned to be conducted in offline mode.

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