If Congress government is formed in UP, there will be no hollow promises, concrete work will be done, says Priyanka Gandhi


Priyanka said, Yogi Adityanath is running the government contrary to the thoughts of Guru Gorakhnath

If Congress government comes in UP, then fish farming will get the status of agriculture.

Today is the martyrdom day of Indira Gandhi and for her nothing was above the country.


Political parties have started trying hard for the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. BJP, Congress, SP, BSP and all the smaller parties are doing election tours and rallies in the state. Congress is organizing pledge rallies in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. In this sequence, today she reached Gorakhpur, the home district of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing a pledge rally in Gorakhpur, targeted Yogi Adityanath and the Modi government fiercely. Priyanka said, Yogi Adityanath is running the government contrary to the thoughts of Guru Gorakhnath. Not only this, Priyanka Gandhi said, the opposition says that Congress is the team of BJP. But I want to tell the opposition that I will die, but will not mix with BJP.

Priyanka Gandhi raised the issue of harassment of women in the state. He said that a woman’s life is a life of struggle. You all know the atrocities that have happened on women in UP in 5 years. Women will have to fight their own battles. I and Congress will fight for you. If I come, there will be a change in politics.

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi raised the issue of women, minorities, farmers and unemployed besides putting Yogi’s administration in question. Priyanka Gandhi said that earlier Yogiji used to go to the spot on the problem of waterlogging, but today he leaves by plane. Very hollow promises were made between you but nothing happened. Today it is difficult to walk on the road. Your property has been confiscated. Gaya and bulldozers have been run. Now there is a need for change in Purvanchal and the state.

Attacking the Modi government, Priyanka Gandhi said, “Congress established railways, airports, roads. They are selling everything. They ask what we did in 70 years. They turned 70 in just 7 years.” Hard work wasted… there are 5 crore unemployed youth in UP. Every day 3 youths die by suicide due to unemployment.”

He said, in the name of religion caste, your sentiments and faith were played with. Today is the martyrdom day of Indira ji and for her there was nothing above the country. She knew that she was going to be killed. Told my brother that if something happens to me, don’t cry.

Priyanka Gandhi said that if our government comes to Uttar Pradesh, then fisheries will be given the status of agriculture. Nishad will be given preference in sand mining and fisheries. We will establish Guru Matsyendra Nath University. We will waive the entire debt of farmers. will do.

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