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Fertility Treatment: If due to any reason, there is no success in the treatment of fertility. So the mind becomes very sad. It is natural to feel bad during this time, but despite the failure of any one treatment, you have many options through which you can get pregnant. Can choose any one from. Along with this, take special care whether you want to try again or not, make sure to do a thorough investigation about the side effects of any treatment and the process of treatment.

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iv f

If your fertility treatment has failed. So you may be advised for IVF. IVF is recommended when there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes. Apart from this, sometimes IVF is also advised in the infertility of men. During this, medicines are also given to increase fertility.

egg donor ivf

Egg donor IVF is recommended when there is premature ovarian failure. This occurs when there is a problem of low ovarian reserve. This is a very expensive treatment but it has the highest chance of being successful.

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IUI can be attempted about 9 times. Many people get attracted to IVF after three times. IVF treatment is believed to be more successful than IUI. That’s why people consider it right to take IVF treatment after one or two attempts. Apart from this, IUI is much cheaper than IVF, the price depends on the type of drugs and injections being used.

Keep these things in mind

If repeated fertility treatments are not successful. In such a situation, it is common to have depression, so it is important that you get yourself checked and always bring positive thoughts.

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