Global Times said China should be ready for military conflict in the deteriorating situation of border with India | Global Times said China should be prepared for military conflict in the deteriorating situation of border with India

digital desk, New Delhi. China’s mouthpiece Global Times said that China should be prepared for a military conflict in the event of a worsening situation with India. An editorial in Global Times said, New Delhi needs to be clear about one thing. He will not get the limit as he wants. If it starts a war, it will surely be defeated. Any political interference and pressure will be ignored by China.

In handling the border dispute with India, it is most important for China to do two things. First, we must stick to the principle that no matter how much trouble India is in, China’s territory belongs to China and we will never hand it over. India is still sleeping on the border issue. We can wait for it to wake up. The Chinese people know that both China and India are great powers with enough national strength to sustain a border standoff with each other for a long time. Such mutual separation is regrettable, but if India is willing to do so, China will keep it company until the end.

The Galwan Valley conflict proves that China will not shy away from taking action to protect its territorial sovereignty to ease India-China relations. If New Delhi continues to misunderstand the underlying dynamics between China and India and undermine China’s resolve and determination, it will only create new misinformation for itself and further harm India, the Global Times said. Will deliver

That said, India’s attitude in the talks is opportunistic. New Delhi recognizes that China needs India’s help because of its desire for stability in its western borders to achieve its overall national strategy. Notably, India sees the deterioration in Sino-US ties as an opportunity to gain key strategic bargaining chips. New Delhi expects Beijing to soften its stand on the border issue and meet its demands to prevent New Delhi from aligning itself with Washington against Beijing.



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