Giant trees in Sequoia killed KNP Complex wildfire

Los Angeles. Hundreds of giant ‘sequoia’ are feared to have been destroyed in the wildfires of Northern California. “It’s heartbreaking,” said Christy Brigham, head of resource management and science at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

A fire broke out at the KNP Complex on September 9 due to a lightning strike, destroying 15 huge ‘sikua’ (very tall cedar trees in California) orchards in the garden. Two groves, one of which contained 5,000 trees, caught fire, with flames rising up to 100-feet (30-metre). Due to this the upper part of the huge trees also got burnt.

He told that two burnt trees have fallen in the vast forest where about 2,000 ‘sekua’ have been planted. However, most of the trees survived. The forecaster said the cold weather helped slow the flames. Light rain is also expected in the area on Friday. Brigham said that when we see this happening to trees that are thousand-two thousand years old, then the pain of losing even a single tree is heart-wrenching.

California fires have destroyed 3,000 square miles (7,800 square kilometers) so far in 2021. More than 3000 houses, commercial establishments and other structures have been destroyed.

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