Former French Prime Minister forms new political party | Former French prime minister forms new political party

digital desk,Paris. According to local media reports, former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has formed a new political party.

Philippe said in Le Havre on Saturday that the name of the party we are building is Horizons. You all must be wondering why Horizons? Because, to do this good, it is necessary to see far.

He said, you have to look far. If you really want to think about the country’s strategy, then by 2050, you should not look in front of you and right next to you, but you have to look away.

He called on his supporters to participate in building a new political alternative so that our country, which we love, can grow and see much more, Xinhua news agency reports. Strengthen your strength, trust yourself again.

The former prime minister also expressed his support for President Emmanuel Macron in the upcoming presidential election.

“I repeat categorically, in 2022 my goal is to ensure that the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is re-elected,” he said.

The Horizons party will be eligible for elections next year, allowing Philip to compete for the presidency in 2027.



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