Difference between curd, yoghurt and Probiotics-Health news what is the difference between curd yoghurt and probiotic yoghurt know what the expert says lak

Difference between curd, yogurt and probiotic: Most people make the mistake of mistaking curd and buttermilk as the same thing. Some people also understand that probiotic is another name for buttermilk. It is also generally believed that buttermilk is a diluted form of curd. If you also think so, then you are wrong. Actually, there is a very fundamental difference between these three things. These three things are made in different ways, so the properties of all three things will also be different. Chef Kunal Kapoor has recently explained the difference about these three things on Instagram. You also know what is the difference between these three things.

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What is the difference between curd, buttermilk and probiotic

To make curd, first the milk is heated enough. After this it is cooled to 30 to 40 degrees and a spoonful of curd is mixed in it. Yogurt already contains lactic acid and bacteria. It is called lactobacillus. In the presence of lactic acid, bacteria multiply into trillions, trillions. This process is called fermentation. During this process new curd is prepared. Since bacteria are present in curd, so it goes into our stomach, which is very beneficial for our health. How many bacteria will be in curd, it depends on where the curd is being stored. On this basis, it is decided that how many bacteria are in curd and how many of these good bacteria reach our intestine alive.

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The process of making buttermilk is almost the same as that of curd, but strains of two more types of bacteria are mixed separately during fermentation. These bacteria are Lactobacillus bulgaris and Streptococcus thermophilus (Lactobacillus Bulgaris and Streptococcus Thermophilus). By mixing these two bacteria, both the quality and quantity of buttermilk increases and it is completely separated from curd. Both the number and type of good bacteria are more in buttermilk as compared to curd. Both these bacteria are made by scientists in the lab. Therefore it is ensured that both these good bacteria survive in the human intestine. It has many health benefits including digestion.

When we say probiotic, it is made completely according to the scientific method. In this, the strain of bacteria has to be kept alive and it has to be delivered to the human intestine while alive. The bacteria present in probiotic yogurt do not die even in the presence of gastric acid, bile and pancreatic acid in the stomach. The good bacteria present in probiotic yogurt reach the intestine alive, which is beneficial for health.

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