Diabetes patients want to keep navratri fast keep these things in mind nav

Fasting In Diabetes : Various forms of Mata are worshiped during Navratri. Along with this, fasting is also kept, but in such a situation, there are devotees who are suffering from diabetes, let us tell you that for diabetic patients, being hungry throughout the day and eating fried dishes can prove to be harmful. .

If you are a diabetic patient and are fasting, then you have to take some precautions. So that the level of insulin in the body does not deteriorate and your faith and faith also remain.

What to keep in mind during fasting in diabetes

Diabetic patients should not remain hungry for a long time during the fast. Try to keep taking something every once in a while, so that the level of glucose in the body remains fine.

The fast of Navratri is opened with sabudana papad, tikki and fried potatoes, but if you are diabetic, do not eat too much of them.

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Diabetic patients should not take too much tea during fasting. You can take coconut water or buttermilk if you feel weak.

Carbohydrate-rich food can be taken. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and dietary fiber as well. They work to give energy to the body and mind.

Diabetic patients should eat things like roasted peanuts, makhana, paneer, water chestnut, pumpkin raita, cucumber raita during fasting.

Diabetic patients who are on insulin, they may feel low blood-glucose levels while fasting. Therefore, after breaking the fast, such people also eat more than necessary.

You can also fast for a day or two
Devotees worship Maa Durga for 9 days of Navratri, she remains hungry from morning till evening. Then at night they break their fast by worshiping the mother. After that take fast food. In which things made from buckwheat flour, potatoes, rock salt, curd, fruits etc. During this, the consumption of food grains and onion and garlic is prohibited. Let us tell you that in special circumstances (being sick or getting pregnant), if the fast of the first and last Navratri is kept, then that too gives the same result as fasting for the 9th of Navratri.

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How is diabetes caused?
In today’s hectic lifestyle, diabetes is the result of long-standing carelessness about one’s health. This is a disease which is called silent killer. Yes, if it is not kept under control in time, then it can damage the vital part of your body forever. Like eyes and kidneys. Insulin is a type of hormone, which is released by the pancreas. It helps in converting food into energy and controls the amount of sugar in the body. However, when the pancreas reduces or stops the production of insulin, it can cause diabetes.

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