Daughter did instagram live of mother while she was naked in bathroom ashas

The woman was advised by many people that she should have child setting on the phone so that no such incident ever happens in the future. (symbolic picture)

Brianna, who lives in America, recently shared a funny anecdote related to her daughter by sharing a video on the social media site Tiktok. He told that once his daughter showed him live on Instagram while taking a bath.

Only parents can tell how difficult parenting is. When children are small, many of their actions are such that parents love more than anger. But recently a woman shared such a thing related to her little girl (Toddler) in which you will not only fall in love but will also laugh a lot. A girl accidentally started showing her mother while taking a bath.

According to the report of Daily Star, Brianna, a resident of America, recently shared a video on social media site Tiktok and mentioned a funny anecdote related to her daughter. She told that one day she had gone to bathe by giving her daughter a phone to play a game. He had installed a learning game related to pre-school on mobile. Her daughter was very young, so she could not operate the mobile by herself. She used to press different buttons by herself. While Briana was taking a bath in the bathroom, her daughter knocked on the door and said that something had happened to the phone, her game was not playing. The woman called the daughter inside the bathroom and started looking at her with the phone. She had just started looking at the phone’s settings that her attention went to the notification window, which she was stunned to see.

He saw on the notification window that Instagram Live is on in the background and video is being shot with the back camera. She got flustered on seeing this and immediately closed the video. Many people have commented on this incident by commenting on Briana’s Tiktok. Some people laughed at the act of the girl, while some parents mentioned some such incidents that happened to them. A man told Briana that she should activate the child setting so that whenever she puts the phone in her hand, she will not be able to open any other app. Another woman told that once her child had done the same to her on Facebook. She was in the bathtub and the young child had accidentally turned on Facebook Live.

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