Crows left gift for man who feeds them in us people shocked after seeing it ashas

Not only humans, animals also have immense love which they show to their master. Generally people think that only animals like dogs, cats, cows etc. love humans and express their gratitude to them but it is not so. Birds also do not hesitate to express their love for humans. No matter how much human suffering is to the birds, if he once gives them a grain with love, then they become human. Recently, a similar incident was encountered in America where the family of Crows (Crows affection to human family) showed their love towards a person in a very special way.

Stuart Dahlquist, who lives in America, is a musician as well as a bird lover. About 2 years ago, he had mentioned a very exciting anecdote through social media which became very viral. Stuart had tweeted that he and his family had been taking care of a couple of crows and their two children for some time. The whole family flew away in the past, but he left behind a gift for Stuart. Stuart told that he received the gift that the crows had left for two consecutive days (Crows left gift for man). As surprising as it was to leave the gift, it was even more surprising that the crows had inserted pine twigs into the rings opening the aluminum cans, making them look like a bouquet. Stuart was stunned to see this. He described the birds as very generous.

The photo posted by Stuart on social media became quite viral. It was liked by more than 37 thousand people and more than 10 thousand people retweeted. Many people were giving their feedback on this tweet of his. Many people wondered how this was possible, while many people started asking what they used to feed the crows. He told that the birds liked high quality dry cat food, more protein and less fiber, more meat and no corn at all. After this tweet went viral, many experts told that crows are very intelligent birds and also recognize humans.

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