Controversy arose over JNU program, webinar closed due to lack of permission | Controversy arose regarding the program, webinar closed due to lack of permission

digital desk,New Delhi. An online webinar organized by the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Center for Women’s Studies has been ordered to stop immediately for referring to Kashmir as Indian Occupied Kashmir by the university administration on Friday.

Vice Chancellor M. Jagdish Kumar said, as soon as it came to our notice that an online webinar titled Gender Resistance and Fresh Challenges in Post-2019 Kashmir is being organized by the Center for Women Studies on Friday at 8.30 pm. We immediately instructed the faculty members to stop the program.

Several JNU students and teachers raised strong objections to the reference to Kashmir in the webinar. The student body ABVP said that the webinar webpage addressed Jammu and Kashmir as Indian Occupied Kashmir, which is objectionable and unconstitutional.

The VC said the faculty members had not taken permission before planning such an event. “It is highly objectionable and provocative, as it questions the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country,” he said. JNU cannot be the platform for such highly questionable webinars. The matter is under investigation.

Several teachers in the webinar lodged a strong protest over Kashmir, an integral part of India called Indian Occupied Kashmir, saying it was an attempt to portray JNU as anti-national. He also expressed satisfaction over the cancellation of the webinar.