Chip shortage could hit gaming shopping this Christmas

New Delhi: Chip shortages and supplies globally could hit Christmas shopping for many tech companies, especially gaming companies.

It’s not just the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft that can be tough to buy, but many tech companies are influencing it as well.

Japanese giant Nintendo has lowered its Switch sales forecast for the fiscal year by 1.5 million due to the effects of a global semiconductor shortage.

According to GM Shiota of Nintendo’s Technology Development Division, the company is evaluating optional components and reviewing designs.

The gaming giant relies heavily on its console business.

Nintendo said it plans to continue expanding its business around the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware-software products.

Sony is reportedly struggling to make the PlayStation 5 console and has lowered its production forecast for the current fiscal.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer has already warned of an ongoing shortage, saying Xbox supply issues will last through 2022.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has said that the global chip shortage will continue for a long time, extending until at least 2023.

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