Yoga Session with Savita Yadav-Yoga session with Savita Yadav easy exercise for improve digestive system and purify your mind lak

Yoga Session with Savita Yadav: While practicing yoga, you should definitely keep in mind your ability. Do any exercise according to your ability. Today many types of exercises were shown and taught in the yoga session. In the live session today, many other exercises including small subtle exercises, Tadasana and Pranayama were taught. By doing … Read more

Antidepressant and sex life-Health news is antidepressant effect sex life know what expert says lak

Antidepressant and sex life: Anti-depressant medicine provides great relief in depression and anxiety, but for some men, this medicine also affects their sex life badly. Therefore, they do not use these medicines despite having depression or anxiety due to fear. Although sex problems are common due to these medicines. Usually, due to the side effects … Read more