Health news good sleep can boost your immunity deep

Immunity helpGood sleep not only gives rest to the body but also strengthens our immunity. These days everyone is taking the vaccine and strengthening their immunity against Kovid. Many researches suggest that it is very important to have good sleep along with the vaccine to increase immunity. Apart from this, dietician Rujuta Diwekar also keeps … Read more

Health news boost your fertility by doing this deep

Fertility Treatment- About 15 percent of couples suffer from the problem of infertility. According to the National Institutes of Health, about a third of them men have problems with sperm quality. On the other hand, according to the research of Israel, sperm count is better in winter and spring. Along with knowing these things, it … Read more

Health news star fruit benefits for health mt

Star Fruit Benefits: Kamarkha- Your mouth must have watered as soon as you hear its name and you must have remembered that era of childhood, when you would not forget to taste it outside school and college. You must have felt its test many times by taking sizzling but you might not know about its … Read more

8 reasons why you must add rava or suji in your daily diet

In a hectic life, it is a difficult task to eat healthy food every day and hence you need sufficient quantity of semolina (Rava) in your kitchen cabinet. Nutritionists recommend consuming it at least twice a week for many good reasons. It is an easily digestible superfood. Which must be a part of your diet. … Read more

effective tips to treat skin rash-Health news how to treat the skin rash as per Ayurveda lak

Effective tips to treat the skin rash: Hives or urticaria is a common skin disease also known as red rashes. In these, a red rash or rash comes out on the skin. These include itching and sometimes burning. Red rashes usually occur on the skin due to an allergic reaction. When the body begins to … Read more

Colorectal cancer diagnoses dropped by more than 40 percent during Covid | Over 40% drop in diagnosed colorectal cancer cases during coronavirus

Digital Desk, Vienna. Cancer screening and diagnosis have dropped significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, with Spanish researchers presenting new findings showing a 40 percent drop in the number of diagnosed colorectal cancer cases in a year during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have come The studies, presented at the Joint European Gastroenterology Week, were conducted in … Read more

Yoga session live on facebook by savita ydava do kapalbhati for fit body and deep breathing for strong lungs pur

Yoga Session: In today’s Live Yoga Session, we learned many small yoga exercises. At this time, for those who are still doing work from home, it is necessary to include these asanas in the routine. Yoga maintains good health. At the same time, yoga also has an important role in maintaining immunity. Through these asanas, … Read more