Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.9 percent in September

Canada’s unemployment rate continues to decline, falling 0.2 percentage points to 6.9 percent in September 2021, the lowest rate since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada’s unemployment rate declined for the fourth straight month in September, reports Xinhua news agency.

The employment rate in September returned to February 2020 levels, with an increase of 157,000 or 0.8 percent. The employment rate was 60.9 percent, 0.9 percentage points lower than in February 2020.

The labor force participation rate in September was 65.5 percent.

The workforce in the public and private sectors was at or above February 2020 levels, while the self-employed remained 8.4 per cent below their pre-pandemic levels.

Employment in the service-generating sector crossed its pre-Covid level in September, while employment in the goods-producing sector remained 3.2 per cent below February 2020 levels.

The number of people working from home stood at 4.1 million in September, up from 5.1 million in April 2020.

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