Britain: France’s planned fishing ban disappointing

London: A UK government spokesman said the threats from France were disappointing, as France prepares to impose sanctions against Britain over its fishing rights after Brexit.

Media reports said some French sanctions could come into effect from November 2, unless progress is made on the post-Brexit fishing with Britain, Xinhua reported.

France complained that only half of the licenses were given to French fishing boats to operate in British territorial waters.

A British government spokesman said in a statement: “French threats are disappointing, something we would not expect from a close ally and partner.”

The threats being threatened do not appear to be in line with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) and broader international law and, if implemented, would be met with an appropriate response, the spokesperson said. We will refer our concerns to the European Union Commission and the French Government.

Britain’s Brexit Minister David Frost said on Twitter, “We have not received any formal response from the French government on this matter, so we will seek immediate clarification of their plans.” We will consider what further action is necessary.

Tensions arose between Britain and France in May, when the Government of the British Channel Islands of Jersey introduced a new licensing system, requiring French yachts to show that they had obtained permits to operate in the area. For they have a history of fishing in the waters of Jersey.

Due to this both sides sent naval ships to monitor the situation in the waters of Jersey.

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