Brazil tops 600000 covid 19 deaths amid doubts about delta variant

Sao Paulo. Pictures are changing in Brazil now. After the fierce beating of Corona (Covid-19 in Brazil), now life is slowly coming back on track again. There is now a huge crowd of people in the ‘bar’ of Sao Paulo. On the other hand, the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Beach’ has also returned. Meanwhile, the death toll from Corona in Brazil has crossed 6 lakhs. But the threat of corona is not over yet. According to experts, another wave of corona may come here from the delta variant.

At present, an average of 500 people are dying every day due to corona in Brazil. Whereas in April this year this figure was at 3000. About 45% of the population has received both doses of the vaccine. Booster doses are being given to the elderly. According to Our World in Data, an online research site, a greater percentage of Brazilians than Americans or Germans have been at least partially vaccinated.

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Where are the most deaths?
If we look at the figures of death due to Corona so far, more than 7 lakh 32 thousand people have lost their lives in America. Brazil is at number two in this list. Here the death toll has crossed 6 lakhs. India’s turn comes at number three. So far more than four and a half lakh people have died here due to corona. Mexico is at number four and then comes Russia’s turn.

What do experts say?
Gonzalo Vesina, a professor of public health at the University of So Paulo, told the Associated Press in July that the delta variant remains at risk. According to him, if people do not follow the corona protocol properly, then the coron may explode. Now, Vesina believes that the Gamma variant introduced earlier this year has slowed down the speed of the Delta slightly.

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