Bigg Boss 15 First Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan Slams Pratik Sehjpal for Breaking Bathroom Lock | Bigg Boss 15 Written Update: Salman lost his temper after breaking the bathroom latch, said- ‘I would have had a mother-sister….’

New Delhi: There has hardly been a season in the biggest reality TV show of the small screen, Bigg Boss 15, when there has been no controversy. With the start of this season, once again the process of controversies has started. In the recent episode, Pratik Sehajpal broke the latch of the bathroom when Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath inside. Now in Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will take a class of symbols.

Salman took Prateek’s class
Weekend Ka Vaar is very important in every season of Bigg Boss because on Saturdays and Sundays, Salman Khan himself interacts with the members of the house. For the week-long activities inside the house, Salman Khan organizes classes for the members of the house and if something good has happened, he appreciates and motivates it.

Game has become more than mother and sister?
The first Weekend Ka Vaar will be aired in the show on Saturday and Sunday, in which Dabangg Khan will be seen losing his cool. Promo videos have been released and Salman Khan scolded Prateek and said, ‘Someone says that my mother, my sister were inside the bathroom… even then I would have done the same thing. Means game is more than mother and sister?’

furious after breaking the bathroom latch
Salman Khan said, ‘Vidhi Pandya could have blown you apart if she wanted.’ Salman Khan became very aggressive while scolding Pratik Sehajpal and seeing the video, it seems that while scolding him, he also abused him in anger. However, it is not clear in the promo video because the video has been censored. But it is so clear that Salman Khan is going to reprimand the symbol.


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